Bearded Dragon Handling & Training

There are a few simple points with your Bearded Dragons care, and it all begins with whether you have the time to make a pet of this friendly lizard. They are generally passive, easy going and can have great personalities, so they are a great pet choice for adults and children alike.

To start your relationship with your dragon, you want to have an ample enclosure with a variety of rocks and wood to explore. As well, you want to have a variety of meats, veggies, greens and fruit to keep them happy. Any pet will trust and “play” with you when they know you are providing what they need.

Because they are so docile, beardies will allow you to handle them, but like any pet, some do not like a lot of touching. The more you work with them, the more they will trust you. When you handle them, they like peaceful surroundings, so make sure there is not a lot of activity with other pets or people around your dragon.

Unlike other lizards, bearded dragons cannot regenerate lost tails or limbs, so be carful and never pick them up by their tails. Be gentle with them so that they do not become frightened and try to jump away and escape.

Do not show fear or hesitation; confidently scoop them up in your hand so that you are supporting their entire body, including the legs and tail. They do not like being picked up from the top, so pick them up from the side or underneath.

The younger your beardie is, the more careful you have to be, as young ones frighten more easily and may hiss at you. Again, do not show fear, be confident and be safe. Whether your dragon is younger or older, do not handle them for long periods of time as this can create stress. Handle them more frequently for shorter periods of time and they will become more accepting of you.

You want to begin getting your beardie used to you by taming them immediately. Do not wait or hesitate. If they show signs of aggression, hold them firmly with both hands and pet them frequently. If they are overtly aggressive, let them go for a short while and handle them more frequently until they calm down. If they are very aggressive, the taming process may take several weeks, but keep at it and you will have a rewarding pet dragon.

As you handle your beardie, you want to practice proper hygiene and wash your hands after handling. This is especially true with children. Never touch your face or food until you have washed your hands as Bearded Dragons, like all lizards, can carry Salmonella bacteria on their skin. This can give you a nasty illness, so make sure you wash your hands.

Salmonella bacteria can cause severe stomachaches with a lot of cramping, diarrhea, vomiting and high temperatures. It can last for over a week if you don’t see your doctor, and then it will still take some time to recover. So again, the simple prevention is to wash your hands.

If there are children around, make sure your beardies enclosure is secured properly so that there is adult supervision at all times. As well, put away all supplies and food items to decrease the chance of a child getting sick or your beardie being harmed.

Giving your dragon a little freedom is great, but make sure it is limited and supervised. Never let them in your kitchen or anywhere that you serve food or eat – think the TV and games area here.

Your Bearded Dragons care might seem overwhelming at first, but it’s the same with many new pets. These dragons are fun to have, interesting to watch, and with proper care and handling, can give you and your family many years of enjoyment.

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